Purchasing at the Market At our Market, we operate a simple procedure that avoids each helper having to handle money. When you arrive, a purchase card will be given to you on your way in. Whenever you make a selection, hand this card to the helper or producer, who will add the price and details of the item to it. On your way out, simply hand your card to the cashier at the cash desk, where you then pay for everything in a single transaction. We are pleased to take cheques. Please feel free to browse around. Refreshments are available so why not come and have a tea or coffee with a biscuit. A Market For The Community Bishops Waltham Country Market is part of the Country Markets network of over 450 local markets in England, Wales and the Channel Islands. Country Markets Ltd is a nationwide friendly co- operative enterprise, previously known as WI Markets. It is a non profit-making organisation - after expenses, all proceeds are returned to the producers. It provides a retail outlet for Market members to sell their high quality, home-made produce.  Each Market is individually managed at local level by a committee elected by the members and is overseen by the county Market (in our case, Hampshire Country Market). The county Market is run by a committee formed from members of the local Market Management Representatives, and all Markets have to comply with legal requirements and the stringent high standards set by Head Office. All cooks must have an up-to-date Food Hygiene Certificate. Each Market is individual, in both the variety of produce on offer and the specialities of the Producers in that area. There has been a Market in Bishops Waltham since 1948 and it is still running to this day and we look forward to a prosperous future   Made with Xara About Us Registered office: 17 Princess Drive, Alton GU34 1QS    Registered in England & Wales. No. IP11787R